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Monthly Archives: June 2007


Today I went back to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  It’s like a magnet.

I’m hanging out in Carroll Gardens unable to stop thinking about all the gorgeous flora in Prospect Park and the only thing separating us is a quick ride on the B71 bus.  So, off I went.


The Cranford Rose Garden is a sprawling, manicured, fragrant rose buffet. 

Many varieties are still in bloom, as seen here, but 90% of them have gone to the great rose garden in the sky.


This looked like a bridal bouquet on a branch.  Just cut and carry down the aisle. 


OK, this really speaks to my macro lust.  I’m not doing the photography justice!! 

I need a longer lens.  And a tripod.  And an assistant.


Beautiful succulent.  I love succulents, Not sure why. 

I think it’s the word… succulent… mmmm.


Wow!  Ferns dressed up in pink and green – so preppy.

I decided to walk back because Park Slope is so pretty. 

I took a great shot of a beautiful row of brownstones, but somehow deleted it by accident  😦

Now about that assistant… 🙂



Summertime in Carroll Gardens is synonomous with Italian Ice from Court Pastry (Court Street between Degraw and Douglass).  I’m crazy about the Custard flavor – it is perfection in a paper cup.  Creamy, eggy, with pieces of crunchy toasted almonds – something else…nutmeg?  Don’t know, don’t care.  If you’re into secret chemicals, stick with Pinkberry.  Otherwise, come on over to Brooklyn and do it right.  Traditional flavors (Lemon, Cherry, Chocolate, etc) are said to be delicious as well, but I’m too hot and bothered over the Custard to find out.