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Today I went back to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  It’s like a magnet.

I’m hanging out in Carroll Gardens unable to stop thinking about all the gorgeous flora in Prospect Park and the only thing separating us is a quick ride on the B71 bus.  So, off I went.


The Cranford Rose Garden is a sprawling, manicured, fragrant rose buffet. 

Many varieties are still in bloom, as seen here, but 90% of them have gone to the great rose garden in the sky.


This looked like a bridal bouquet on a branch.  Just cut and carry down the aisle. 


OK, this really speaks to my macro lust.  I’m not doing the photography justice!! 

I need a longer lens.  And a tripod.  And an assistant.


Beautiful succulent.  I love succulents, Not sure why. 

I think it’s the word… succulent… mmmm.


Wow!  Ferns dressed up in pink and green – so preppy.

I decided to walk back because Park Slope is so pretty. 

I took a great shot of a beautiful row of brownstones, but somehow deleted it by accident  😦

Now about that assistant… 🙂

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