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 Hi Everyone – as Autumn is right around the corner and I always feel inspired to begin new projects when that crisp air starts blowing out the humidity, I’ve decided to start an online cooking club!

I belong to the great website FoodCandy, which is a global foodie meeting place chock full of many interesting people – professionals and the rest of us – who all share a love of food – cooking it, eating it, photographing it or writing about it.  Or all of the above.

 I proposed the idea of an online cooking club to FoodCandy’s owner, the gracious dB, and he has agreed.  It’s called CookClubCandy (or CCC for short) and I’m really excited about it! 

Here’s how it’ll work:  1)  you submit a recipe you’d love to try to the group  2) a randomly chosen one gets posted  3) we make the dish  4) we share our experience together on FoodCandy!  I’m thinking it should occur once a month (I like low pressure!) I’d love your comments/suggestions/questions. 

Email me here:

It promises to be fun, interactive, educational and inspiring.  I know there are many MANY recipes I’d love to try…but don’t.  This will be the virtual kick-in-the-butt that I need!

So, here’s your to-do list:

1) go to FoodCandy and become a member

2) look on the home page for a link to CookClubCandy and join the group!

Looking forward to cooking great things together!!




  1. That sounds like a fantastic idea! I would be really interested in joining as I am always looking for new cooking ideas.

  2. Christina – it’s nice meeting you and thanks for joining my cooking club! BTW, I love your blog – so cute!

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