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Monthly Archives: February 2009


I don’t blog too much these days.  I could blame it on my boyfriend, my job, my Netflix account…all good things that keep me busy and entertained.

But the truth is, I’m just lazy!  And that not only keeps me from blogging, it also improves my quality of life.  Lately I’ve noticed how many appliances I have doing things for me…and I love it!!



Take for example my beautiful, digital, ridiculously expensive, completely automatic espresso maker.  I start each day with 2 shots from this masterpiece while praying to the Gods of Caffeine that it never stops working.



With that kind of coffee habit, clean teeth are important and so easy with my electric toothbrush that not only illustrates applying the brush to the tooth (in case I get confused), but it smiles when I’ve completed my 2-minute job!  I’ve made it happy! 



Into the bedroom and the King of Supple Skin…my fantastic Korean humidifier!  I’ve had MANY humidifiers over the years and I’m not easily impressed.  But this one…this is the HE-MAN of humidifiers.  Get yourself a BuBang and never go back.


And lastly – the piece de resistance, the appliance that all my other appliances are jealous of…my Roomba robot.  I call him Ralphie.  I’m fascinated by his maneuverings and his courage going where no (wo)man has gone before.  I never fail to smile (like my toothbrush) when Ralphie’s finished and ready for a recharge. Off he goes back to his dock (how does he know where it is?!?) gets in, plays a happy little tune and calls it a day.  I am lazily overcome with joy.