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Monthly Archives: August 2009


I am one lucky SugarCookie to be friends with the gorgeous and talented beauty expert LDiva and thoroughly enjoy providing her with my photography whenever possible.



She hosts the blog Divalicious; chock full of beauty tips (and not the same old tired ones) and product recommendations of only her tried and truly-tested best. 



There is also plenty of fashion talk – 10 Commandments of Leggings  is her most hit-up story for us perplexed females and her observations on city girls strutting their stuff (sometimes unwisely) are no-apologies accurate:  it’s tough love from your spot-on beauty sister – not bitchy, just real. 



LDiva is now providing house-call beauty makeovers; helping women to toss, retain and rethink their own cosmetics while introducing updated tips and tricks for making the most of the products and their looks. 



We recently teamed up to makeover and photograph the lovely LK, a pretty girl with lots of personal style.  If I saw her on the street I would think this girl didn’t need to learn a darn thing about looking good. 



However, LDiva was able to teach her a completely new approach to her eyeshadow technique with outstanding results!  LK went from pretty to pretty spectacular!   Here you see 2 different looks, LK chose the neutral look.



And because I need to play too…here’s a glamour shot of Miss LK with her finished look…in much sexier lighting!


Ahhh…this is fun.  My path through life has taken me down some very interesting roads – amazing experiences, profound teachings, loving relationships and…as the case with me and LDiva…beautiful friendships.


PS – all photos are property of SCB.  But that doesn’t mean that I won’t share…please ask first.  🙂