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Monthly Archives: August 2010

A Russian taxi driver once told me “if you go to Brighton Beach you’ll never need to visit Moscow…it’s the same!!”  That intrigued me.  But what he neglected to mention is that if I didn’t go with HIM, I probably wouldn’t have a very good time.

I’m light on photos because although the Russian people of Brighton Beach don’t speak English (??) they do know how to postively roar…NO PHOTOGRAPHY!!!  So, you missed out on seeing piles of beautiful exotic foods and mountains of pastries and rugelach (although sad to say the photos would be better than the actual thing – not delicious).

I was safe at the beach taking some photos.  I could run if need be.

In Adam Platt’s review of this restaurant he said “The room is filled with merry, pink-cheeked gentlemen sporting Yeltsin haircuts and diminutive ladies with beehive hairdos. There’s plenty of vodka on the table. You’re in old Russia now, and who ever went there for the food?”  Hmmm…maybe vodka is the way to go.  Or go with Adam Platt.

It’s a beautiful boardwalk – very clean.  I would go back just to walk to Coney Island…which is located in the USA.

The best part might’ve been the ride – I love when the F train is elevated and look at all the seating!  Heaven.  And it takes me back to Carroll Gardens where the locals are friendly, smiling and not at all put out by your food questions or your camera.  🙂