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When I moved to Carroll Gardens I was welcomed like a local girl who had been away for a long time.  This blog is dedicated to the people that are hanging on to the old Brooklyn traditions and the newer arrivals, like me, who should try not to mess it up too much.

I’m flattered that people want to use my photography.  I would appreciate if you could check with me first and add a “Kelly Rice” credit.  I’m usually happy to share!  Please email me at

Thanks for visiting!





  1. Cool looking blog. Good luck with the website!

  2. Bringing me back to my roots!! LOVE IT!! Looks amazing.

  3. Totally awesome – I love it!! I see the future… move over Perez Hilton! 🙂

  4. Great idea, us folks from CT. need a Brooklyn tour guide…….

  5. great Brooklyn blog – lovely photos!! keep up the good work.

  6. Great Pictures, What have I been waiting for ( long time since I visited ( “The Sugar Cookie” )

  7. I used to live in Carroll Gardens before I moved to Baltimore. How I miss it! (Although Baltimore is definitely growing on me.)

    Say hello to the ‘hood for me!

  8. Thanks rk, I definitely will…and I LOVE your website! Can I steal your brownie recipe for my cooking club?!? 🙂

  9. Great Pictures. Your Daddy

  10. While attending a Martha Stewart book signing I gave her SCB’s blog address. I know she’ll love it, as much as I do, the food, photos and the Argentinian.

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