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Tag Archives: Morning Glory Muffins


Today I didn’t think about my air conditioner…I thought about my oven.  How nice it would be to turn it on and just let it bake stuff.  So I made Morning Glory Muffins – yummy and nutrient packed with whole grains, fruit and fiber – I feel healthier already!  Plus they freeze beautifully and after a quick zap in the microwave they’re perfect again.


 And since I was in there anyway why not keep going?  So I made another of my CookClubCandy recipes, this time Almond Cookies – these were submitted by Christina, who found them in Everyday Food.  I don’t know Christina, but she found SugarCookieBrooklyn, left a nice comment, and joined my cooking club.  She has a really cute website – check it out.  The cookies are delicious!  I need to give them away immediately!  Let me know if you’re in Brooklyn and need a snack… 🙂