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Monthly Archives: May 2009


 Fauglia, Tuscany, Italy  ♥       Summer, 2007

Well hello SCB fans…do I still have any?  Mike?  Dad!?  🙂  I haven’t blogged because I’ve had little to say and didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. 

Back to the present…here are the things I’m interested in these days:

  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Buddhism/meditation
  • Healthy living
  • Great books/great films


Here’s what I know how to do:

  • Film Production


So…where does that leave a girl?  If I ever made a big life change, I’d move to a farm where I could do EVERYTHING on the first list and NOTHING on the second list. 

I would live on my own home-grown food (like Michele O!) and drink raw milk all day long (does anyone have a Brooklyn hook up for this?  It’s like trying to get crack delivered).  I would have enough money from my distant relatives in outer space to pay people to work/hangout on the farm.  We would all live together surrounded by our beautiful land and spend evenings around our huge rustic wood table eating our delicious dirt candy, drinking and laughing…indoors by the fire on chilly nights with lots of candlelight and fresh flowers everywhere – and outside in the summer, under the old oak trees, just around dusk, with the fireflies lighting us up (my favorite of all flying things). 

 I would sleep like a baby and wake up with the sun to meditate on my soft cushion, followed by a nice workout before my breakfast of still-warm freshly laid eggs and um…imported Italian coffee. (Hopefully the eggs aren’t the only freshly laid things).  I would take a hot, fragrant bath with petals and herbs from my cutting garden and then use some all-natural beauty products, although I wouldn’t really need them given my constant glow of well being.

AM I DREAMING?  Or could I do this??  People have done this.  Even people who live in Brooklyn…have just up and DONE THIS!  I’ll keep thinking.

 In the meantime…if you like any of the things on my list…leave me a comment and inspire me for future blog posts.

SCB  xxx